Jan van Eyck Circle for Lacanian Ideology Critique



The Jan van Eyck Circle for Lacanian Ideology Critique (CLiC) gathers researchers who are interested in Lacanian theory and consider it an open set of tools enabling them to critically consider contemporary (post-)modern culture. It is a platform for researchers from the Jan van Eyck Academie as well as external researchers. Its objective is to stimulate studies in Lacanian ideology critique. It intends to develop a psychoanalytical – and especially Lacanian – perspective on problems such as imagination, love, singularity and time, in the domain of philosophy, contemporary culture and the (visual) arts, and in relation to ideology, capitalism and religion. In order to do so CLiC follows a double track: on the one hand there is a biweekly reading group focussing on texts by Lacan, on the other hand a seminar is organised every month in which a particular, thematic thread is followed throughout the year. Authors that were and will be discussed include: Alain Badiou, Slavoj Žižek, Jacques Rancière, Mladen Dolar and Alenka Zupancic. In 2010 the Seminar's focus will be on The Wolf Man and the Schreber case..